Logging in to Campus Web

A student account is created for each student prior to the start of their education at Goldey-Beacom College (GBC). Students are emailed their GBC Network username and password to the email address submitted on their application to the College. The GBC Network username and default password format may also be obtained from a Student Tech Assistant in the Hirons Library. This account gives access to GBC Email, Campus Web, Lightning Central, Lab Computers, and is available for use throughout the student's entire college career at GBC.

If you have locked your account out or need assistance, please call (302) 225-6277.

What Can I Find in Campus Web?

Campus Web is a valuable resource available to all current students. Login now and begin to explore! Listed below is a quick description of some of the tabs you have access to. Click the tab across the top for additional information.

Home Tab

A quick way to find campus resources, announcements and what is happening around GBC.

Getting Started 

Information here is intended to help you become a better-informed student and understand the College's available support services, academic policies, and student conduct expectations.

Academics Tab

Select this tab to view your schedule, grade report, unofficial transcript (also print), gpa projection, course history, major exploration and what if scenarios, course needs and course schedules. Select “View details” under the student schedule topic, and you will find textbooks needed for each course by clicking the “+” sign Additional helpful links, account balances and 1098-T information can also be found.

Finances Tab

Make your payment on line with my account info, see your 1098-T information, and find your payment advisor.

Campus Life Tab

Sports information, what’s happening at GBC, residence life information, vehicle information and housing assignments are on this tab

Technology Tab

Find wireless access information, how to setup your email on your phone, what’s new in GBC technology, helpful links and technology resource documents here.